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  • Do I need a referral or a prescription from my physician to have a telehealth physical therapy appointment?
    No. Physical therapists in all 50 states have direct access. This means that any individual can see a physical therapist directly without a referral or prescription from a physician.
  • What equipment do I need to have a telehealth visit?
    A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection is needed to conduct the telehealth visit. Using headphones may improve sound quality. Mobility Solutions Physical Therapy uses Google Meet, a free application to conduct telehealth visits. Please visit the How To page for videos on how to use Google Meet.
  • I do not live in Arizona, California, or Oklahoma. After the consultation, if it is determined I would benefit from physical therapy, what happens next?"
    Mobility Solutions Physical Therapy will assist you in finding a telehealth physical therapist or a physical therapy clinic in the state you live in.
  • How do you take measurements for my wheelchair if you are doing the evaluation via telehealth?
    In order to obtain a wheelchair through your insurance company, it is required that a vendor supplies the wheelchair and the vendor bills your insurance company. A supplier from the vendor of your choice is required to perform their own assessment which includes taking your measurements for the wheelchair configuration. Mobility Solutions Physical Therapy will colloborate with your vendor of choice to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate wheelchair to meet your medical and functional needs.
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