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"Dr. Eli Rodriguez is wonderful! I have been suffering with headaches related to neck pain for years, and within minutes of his first treatment, I found relief. Not only did he help me in the present, but he instructed me on exercises to do at home to prevent the frequency of these headaches. He is a very talented physical therapist and I couldn't be happier!"


"Eli ordered for my husband (who has a rare form of severe neurogenic orthostatic hypotensive disease that does not always respond to medications) a recliner chair that rolls around our home, turns, and reclines to various positions (even flat) to help compensate for the unexpected high and low blood pressure drops from my husband's debilitating disease.  I call this recliner my "rescue chair"since it's a lifesaver. For instance, if or when my husband feels faint due to a sudden significant drop in his blood pressure when standing or walking, I can quickly roll to him and immediately recline him to a safe and flat level while he gets rapid relief; then move him to bed or anywhere else until he feels safe and good again.  


What Eli did for us was brilliant!  I never thought that this chair would help my husband so much or even make my life easier to care for him.  I am a retired RN who is small-boned, so for me, this chair works beautifully for our situation. Eli assessed our issues and ordered the right equipment on his first attempt to solve this difficult problem. He maintained such a positive attitude. He was enthusiastic, compassionate, patient, supportive, intelligent, professional, and well connected.


Not only did he address my husband's grave and difficult health issues, but then educated me to the physical therapy aids and how they relate or can help treat this complex, overwhelming at times, disease.  On top of this, he provided excellent "on hands” physical therapy for my husband, which is becoming rarer for any provider to do everything. 


Eli stands out as probably the best specialty physical therapist that we both have ever worked with or known.  Anyone will find him as a treasure. I feel safer now and more prepared for caring for my husband with his debilitating disease; knowing too, that I can always call Eli for help.  Thank you."


"The idea that a 91 year old can gain from an exercise plan was a wonderful surprise! With help from Eli, our physical therapist, my wobbly, experiencing falls, mom was able to turn 92. And nine months later, walk out at her grandson's wedding and accept his arm for a solo dance (*happy tears*). She's still doing well.

I hope my review regarding my and my mom's first physical therapy caregiver experience inspires others to follow the instructions from their physical therapist after in-home visits. From the start of Eli's physical therapy from November of 2016 through mid January of 2017, my mother had stopped needing her walker and takes her cane as security only when leaving the house. She followed the exercise plans Eli had shown and trained us to do (6 days a week,  20 to 30 minutes per day). 

We have had Eli come back for a review of mom's therapy and general condition, especially reviewing her mobility and balance. This revisit has been engaging, learning new exercises, alterations to old ones, and adjustments for a sore knee. Valuable help and wonderful service! 


Eli is super patient and professional. He's extremely knowledgeable on comprehensive health for older folks."

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